2022 Black Friday Quilting Deals

I was beyond excited for Black Friday this year. Last year, I scored a bunch of great deals. This year, I was looking to stock up for 2023. I had meticulously made lists for everything I was looking. Right after Thanksgiving Dinner, I ready to shop (online). But things didn’t turn out exactly as I expected. I wanted to document the 2022 Black Friday quilting deals, or non-deals. That way we can be better prepared for 2023 Black Friday and other sales throughout the year.


Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter shop was my first stop. Last year they had an amazing 20% store-wide sale. I was hoping the 2022 Black Friday quilting deals didn’t disappoint either. It didn’t. The 20% sale was back… until I realized that none of the Kona Fabric I added to my cart hadn’t been discounted. Apparently, in very fine print at the bottom of the home page, there were a few exceptions to the sale this year. Kona fabric and Creative Grid Rulers weren’t on sale. Agh!


After spending 3 hours determining all of the Kona colors I needed for my next four quilts (which is super difficult to do online), I was gutted. But I wasn’t about to spend full price on Black Friday. I shifted to Confetti and Bella Solids, which took another three hours to find the colors I wanted.


I haven’t tried Confetti solids yet, so I’m excited what they’re like. Confetti was priced the same as Kona ($7.48/yard), but there weren’t a lot of colors. I had to supplement pretty heavily with Bella. I’ve used Bella Solids for a few shades in my Space Travel quilt, so I knew the quality good. But Bella was $8.48/yard, and while cheaper than regular priced Kona, 20% off wasn’t as good of a deal.


Another bummer about this sale was that several fabrics sold out right away. I shopped early, and items were going out of stock while in my cart. To be ready for this sale next year, I would set up my cart with the items I wanted before the sale. This sale also offered a free mystery gift if you spend over $200 (guilty…). I’ll update with what it was once my package comes.



2022 Black Friday Quilting Deals
Fat Quarter Shop free mystery gift.


My second stop was JoAnn. I needed batting, and lots of it. With the 2022 Black Friday quilting deals and the extra 20% coupon, I was hoping to get some queen-sized Warm and Soft batting for ~$20. Surprise, surprise, all of the batting were ‘Doorbusters’. Meaning they were only marked down 40% and couldn’t use the extra 20% off coupon. The $29.99 a worse price that you can normally get the batting for during the year, especially if you go to the store in person.


JoAnn did have some other deals. You could get the Kona (which is normal Kona) at 20% off $7.99 a yard, making it $6.39/yard. That’s a pretty good price, but you have to buy at least two yards of each color you want online and there aren’t many colors. In store, I’m not sure if it’s worth the wait at the cutting tables.


Other good sales at JoAnn included: $3.49+20% off Quilter’s Showcase fabric ($2.79/yard), $4.99 Keepsake Calico fabric (doorbusters, so no extra 20% off), 10 for $10 fat quarters (a semi-regular sale price, also doorbuster), 50% off interfacing (doorbuster). Overall pretty mediocre, but the Quilter’s showcase is a great deal people looking to get some mid-line fabric on the cheap! I didn’t end up getting anything from JoAnn.


Missouri Star Quilt Co

Missouri Star didn’t actually advertise their 2022 Black Friday quilting deals until Black Friday. They had a moderate-to-low sale with precuts 40-60% off, 30% the Missouri Star brand of batting (which the Queen size $26.60), $13 select 2 cut yards of fabric, and 40% Java Batiks fat quarter bundles and jelly rolls. On Black Friday, they also had 10 Missouri Star rotary blades for 10 bucks, limited one per customer. Then, if you spent over $100, you’d free charm pack.


To be completely honest, I’ve had a bad experience from Missouri Star and was a bit nervous about buying from them. I ended up buying their 80/20 King-sized batting ($31.50 each), because I’ve used up my stash of Warm and Natural (which I love) and was desperate. This was the best deal I could find (besides Hancock’s of Paducah, which is always sold out). The check out was super spam-y, asking if I wanted to refer other people to get money off my next orders several times as well as other ‘deals’. But I’ll see how the batting is and what charm pack they end up sending out.



2022 Black Friday Quilting Deals
Missouri Star free fat quarter

Electric Quilt

Electric quilt is a software that lets you design quilts and estimates your fabric yardage. I have not used electric quilt (I’ve stuck with Excel so far), but their whole website was 25% off. Electric Quilt 8 is originally $239.95, and with the discount, came out to $179.97. So, if this is something you’re thinking about getting, waiting for Black Friday could save you loads. The only tricky thing is the website doesn’t automatically give you the discount. You had to type in the discount code given on the homepage. Always check you get the discount before you check out!


Keepsake Quilting and Notions

I hadn’t used or heard of Keepsake Quilting before, but I stumbled upon the during my Black Friday deal internet scour. This year, they had a 337 different fabrics, including Batiks, marked down to $5.99 from $11.99 a yard. That’s cheaper even than the solids I got. Great deal! I didn’t buy anything this year, but I’ll definitely keep this store in mind next year.


No Sales

Hancock of Paducah – Hancock’s didn’t have a specific Black Friday sale, but they usually have decent prices year-round. If you’re looking to get more than two of an item, they usually offer bulk deals. As I mentioned above, they also have some of the best prices around for batting (which you can also get bulk deals on), which is probably why they’re always sold out.


Amazon – While Amazon did have some sales that I found, they were mostly on sewing machines but also on some no-name batting. There were a couple fabric pre-cuts that claimed to be Black Friday deals but were only ~15% off. Not a great deal in my opinion.


2023 Black Friday quilting deals game plan

The 2022 Black Friday quilting deals didn’t exactly live up to my dreams. I ended up getting everything I needed, but I had to make concessions for all the brands and colors I wanted. I just hope they turn out all right! Next year, I plan to be ready with the fabrics I need in a few brands.


I also may finally break down and buy a fabric swatch cards for Bella Solids and Confetti solids because there weren’t many pictures online to determine how accurate the colors swatches on the website are. I’m avoiding that at all costs, but I do think it would be a cool project to compare and contrast the colors across brands to give people a better indication of what they’re buying.


I’ll also keep a look out for batting deals. Has anyone else felt like the price of batting has increased a lot in the best year? The prices at JoAnn are the same as FEB 2022, but they often seem to be on a lesser sale, so you can’t use a 50% off coupon.


In any case, I have all the deals and prices from this year stored in this little corner of the internet forever, so we’ll all be prepared for the year to come.

Sew on!

Featured photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash.


I did not was not sponsored by any of the companies featured on this page.

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