3 New Quilt Patterns Coming Saturday July 9th!

I’m so excited to formally introduce three new quilt patterns are coming out this Saturday, July 9th, at noon EST. They’ve taken a lot longer to finish than I ever imagined due to an unexpected interstate move in March, so I am so glad I can finally share them with you all. The patterns include: Space Shuttle, Princess and Pony, and Camels in the Desert.



Space Shuttle quilt pattern

Space Shuttle Quilt Pattern



The Space Shuttle quilt is a 75″ x 80″ quilt fit for a twin- or full-sized bed. It was inspired by one of my earliest quilts, Out of this World, however the original design couldn’t be translated into a traditionally pieced pattern. I updated the pattern using only straight and diagonal seams. Though the tip of the space shuttle does use slightly different piecing, all steps are clearly explained with words and diagrams making this quilt perfect for an advanced or ambitious beginner and beyond! It’s a perfect quilt for any space lover in your life.



The fabrics I used for this quilt were:

  • Sky 1 – Kona Black
  • Sky 2 – Kona Pepper
  • Sky 3 – Kona Charcoal
  • Sky 4 – Kona Gotham Grey
  • Star – I used a sparkly tan fabric from Joann
  • White – Kona White
  • Green – Kona Cabbage
  • Blue – Kona Bluejay
  • Yellow – Kona Daffodil
  • Grey 1 – Kona Graphite
  • Grey 2- Kona Steel
  • Grey 3- Kona Iron

Lots of greys… I know. But feel free to use your own colors as well. Some of my pattern testers had trouble sourcing all the greys and used a lot of blues for the background and the space shuttle. They looked great! You can also try some patterned fabrics or other brands of solids. I have build up a a bunch of Kona swatches over the years so it’s easier for me to find the right colors from that line.



Princess and Pony quilt pattern

Princess and Pony Quilt Pattern



The Princess and Pony quilt is a 66″ x 66″ quilt great for use as a lap blanket or as a blanket for a child. This pattern came about from my love for horses and my niece. I hope to gift it to her once she’s a little older. Like my other patterns, this quilt is pieced with traditional piecing that uses only straight and diagonal seams. This and the simple instructions and diagrams describing each step of the quilt makes this pattern perfect for advanced beginners and beyond.



The fabrics I used for this quilt were:

  • Hair – Kona Brown
  • Skin – Kona Oyster (This ended up being way to light for my taste, almost bending in with the white of the princess’ gloves. I would recommend using a darker fabric)
  • Eyes – Kona Charcoal
  • Dress – Kona Leprechaun
  • Accent – Kona Cabbage
  • Gloves – Kona White
  • Light Mane – Kona Leather
  • Fur – Kona Biscuit (I also didn’t like this color. I would have rather the horse been the Kona Leather color and found a different color for the light mane pieces).
  • Background – A Festival of Roses – Pearlescent Trailing Buds in Green by Benartex Fabrics. (This fabric was absolutely stunning and added so much detail to the quilt that didn’t show up in the pictures.)
New Quilt Pattern Princess and Pony Background Fabric
Beautiful roses in the Princess and Pony quilt background fabric


This quilt would also look great in any number of colors. Below are some of the ones I thought of. And as a reminder, in the pattern, the princess’ hair is the same color as the dark bits of of the horse’s mane. If you wanted them to be separate, you’ll need to plan accordingly, looking at the piece dimensions and cutting diagram at the back of the pattern.

Princess and Pony Purple
Princess and Pony Pink
Princess and Pony Blue

Camels in the Desert quilt pattern

camels in the Desert Quilt Pattern


Camels in the Desert is a 74″ x 75″ quilt great for a lap blanket or a twin-sized bed. Fun fact: this quilt actually started out with me trying to design giraffes and morphed into something much cooler (hotter?)! With its lovely warm colors and laid back effect of the camels traipsing through the desert, the Camels in the Desert quilt has become one of my most used daily quilts. Like my other quilt patterns, it’s pieced with traditional piecing that uses only straight and diagonal seams perfect for advanced beginners.


The fabrics I used for this quilt were:

    • Color 1 – Kona Lemon Ice
    • Color 2 – Kona Canary
    • Color 3 – Kona Nectarine
    • Color 4 – Kona Coral
    • Color 5 – Kona Geranium
    • Sun – Kona Carnation
    • Camels – Kona Charcoal

A special thanks!

I wanted to send out a special thanks to all the lovely quilters who gave feedback during pattern testing. You’re eyes were invaluable.


And thank you to everyone who has supported Rye Bread Quilt Co and my patterns. It means more than  you could ever understand. Thank you!

Sew on!

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