3 New Quilt Patterns Saturday Jan. 21st!

Three new quilt patterns are coming to Rye Bread Quilt Co Saturday January 21st! They have been making their appearance over my blog and Instagram for a while, but are finally ready to be shared with you. The patterns include: Contrails (which also comes with the Baby Contrails), Baby Contrails, and The Garden.


Contrails an airplane quilt pattern

Contrails an airplane one of three quilt patterns


The first of my new quilt patterns is Contrails, a 78″ x 84″ quilt for a twin or full-sized bed. I designed the pattern while doodling on a flight back home to visit family. This is a beginner-friendly traditionally pieced quilt, with only 8 diagonal seams, that keeps a range of color and movement. This pattern also comes with the Baby Contrails quilt pattern (read more below).


The fabrics I used for the quilt were:

  • Background: Kona White
  • Blue 1: Kona Astral
  • Blue 2: Kona Nobel Purple
  • Blue 3: Kona Celestial
  • Blue 4: Kona Nightfall
  • Blue 5: Kona Bahama Blue
  • Green 1: Kona Peapod
  • Green 2: Kona Kiwi
  • Green 3: Kona Palm
  • Green 4: Kona Brown
  • Green 5: Kona Leather
  • Yellow 1: Kona Bright Idea
  • Yellow 2: Kona Daffodil
  • Yellow 3: Kona Mac and Cheese
  • Yellow 4: Kona Spice
  • Yellow 5: Kona Meringue
  • Red 1: Kona Coral
  • Red 2: Kona Cardinal
  • Red 3: Kona Wine
  • Red 4: Kona Primrose
  • Red: 5: Kona Persimmon
  • Airplanes: Kona Charcoal

It’s a ton of colors, but if you have a lot of width of fabric scraps left over from other projects, this could be a nice stash buster. This quilt also could work with jelly rolls as the stripes are 2″ (2 1/2″ with seam allowance).


Baby Contrails an airplane quilt pattern

Baby Contrails one of three new quilt patterns


The second new quilt pattern is Baby Contrails, a 42″ x 42″ baby quilt. It came about as a baby quilt for my growing nibbling. Unsure of the gender at the time, I wanted to go with something gender neutral but still fun and a little different. Unfortunately, my brother wasn’t enthused about an airplane quilt if they baby was a girl, and I ended up gifting them a puff quilt instead. But really, who doesn’t love airplanes? This is a quick and beginner friendly traditionally pieced quilt that can help use up some of your stash sitting around. It can be gotten as a package with the Contrails quilt pattern or separately.


The fabrics I used for the quilt were:

  • Background: Kona White
  • Green 1: Kona Mint
  • Green 2: Unknown – I forgot to save a swatch of this, it must have been from my super old stash
  • Green 3: Kona Kiwi
  • Green 4: Kona Cabbage
  • Green 5: Kona Leprechaun
  • Purple 1: Kona Noble Purple
  • Purple 2: Kona Nightfall
  • Purple 3: Kona Thistle
  • Purple 4: Kona Geranium
  • Purple 5: Kona Crocus
  • Airplanes: Kona Charcoal

The Garden quilt pattern

The Garden quilt pattern


The last of the new quilt patterns is The Garden quilt, a 55″ x 55″ lap quilt. The Garden is a traditionally pieced quilt with soft colors. This one took me forever to design as I wanted to make a complex, yet easy to piece quilt. This was also the quilt top that I brilliantly set in poison ivy to take pictures before I quilted it. I’m still trying to determine if I can salvage it. But I was able to make this quilt pattern into a killer vest for my niece.


The fabrics I used were:

  • Background: Kona Butter
  • Yellow: Kona Meringue
  • Gold: Kona Daffodil
  • Light Peach: Kona Bellini
  • Dark Peach: Kona Melon
  • Rust: Kona Paprika
  • Green: Kona Mint
  • Grey: Kona Charcoal
  • White: Kona White
  • Brown: Kona Roasted Pecan

A special thanks!

Once again, I would like to send out a big thank you for everyone who has supported me in my quilting endeavors. It means the world to me!

Sew on!

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