Welcome to Rye Bread Quilt Co. I’m Emily, and I’ve been quilting for almost ten years. It all started because I wanted a Lord of the Rings blanket and couldn’t find one online. Inspired by all the fantastic quilters in my life, I decided to try to make my own despite having only sewn a simple square pillow in home ec class before.


On the Plains of Gondor

This first quilt, On the Plains of Gondor, was a lesson in patience and how to use a seam ripper. But I was so in love with the process and the final product, I knew I had to make more. Armed with a great deal of ideas of how to better design a quilt, I started on another crib-sized quilt with a Harry Potter Quidditch design.  After that, I quickly dove head first into my hardest project to date: the full-sized Out of this World quilt.


out of this world quilt

Out of this World

Over the years, my quilting process has developed from drawing out full-sized images on cardstock and cutting out each piece to use as templates to what I now know is traditional or straight-line piecing. This type of piecing, which you can see in my Space Travel quilt below, only uses simple straight and diagonal seams (no curves or Y- seams!). This makes makes it possible to share these designs with everyone using only a simple pattern. Though my quilting method has changed, I still love to keep my original scenic or object driven quilt designs. My hope is to share all I have that self-learned over the years to make quilting a fun and expressive hobby for anyone who wants to try it.

Space Travel