Tips and Tricks to Quilting on a Budget

Quilting on a budget

Quilting is one of those hobbies where things can get expensive fast. As your skills progress you can find yourself wanting a better sewing machine, fun fabrics, and new tools to try out different techniques. But things only get expensive if you let them. There are many ways to keep quilting affordable. However, often the … Read more

Clover Water Soluble Pencils – A Product Review

Clover water soluble pencils

A quest to find the perfect marking tool has long plagued my projects. A quilt-losing disaster with a Sharpie near the beginning of my quilting experience nearly had me selling my sewing machine for good. Thankfully, I’ve rebounded and have since tried the lot: metallic permanent markers, ball point pens, chalk, chalk pencils. My latest … Read more

Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies

Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies Fabric

The Dollar Tree is a mecca for all sorts of cheap odds and ends, but it was never a place I considered for getting quilting supplies. With the evolution of the store becoming the Dollar-25 Tree and having some items that go up to five dollars, I was a bit surprised at what I was … Read more

3 New Quilt Patterns Saturday Jan. 21st!

three new quilt patterns

Three new quilt patterns are coming to Rye Bread Quilt Co Saturday January 21st! They have been making their appearance over my blog and Instagram for a while, but are finally ready to be shared with you. The patterns include: Contrails (which also comes with the Baby Contrails), Baby Contrails, and The Garden. Contrails an … Read more

Elmer’s Glue Basting: take three

Elmer's glue basting

Alright, friends. It’s been a while since I’ve quilted, but I’m back with another Elmer’s glue test–you know, that white washable glue that children use in school. This time I’m using it to baste a baby Contrails quilt (pattern available soon!). In a mini spoiler, this attempt wasn’t 100% perfect, but I’m darn close to … Read more

How to Tie off Thread When Machine Quilting

On a domestic sewing machine, starting or ending quilting can be as easy as doing a couple back stitches. Honestly, most people (besides quilters) wont even notice the little ends that can unwind. But if you’re looking to take your quilting to that next level (or enter your quilt in a quilt show), invisibly tying … Read more

Space Shuttle Quilt: Behind the Design

Space Shuttle Quilt Pattern

The Space Shuttle quilt was actually the second ever quilt I made–quilt, not pattern. If you’ve read around this blog, you’ve probably seen that when I first started making quilts I didn’t use traditional piecing methods. I didn’t even know they existed. I drew out full-sized designs on card-stock and then use the card-stock as … Read more