Everything You Need to Start Quilting

So, you’ve decided to get into quilting. You go to the store expecting to pick up some fabric and a sewing machine, but the sheer volume of other quilting things there is overwhelming. Rulers, scissors, needles, sprays, gloves–is that pencil 15 bucks?! Hold your horses! Quilting doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Quilting has become so … Read more

Quilting Design from Easy to Hard

So, you’ve finally done it. It only took days, weeks, months (years?) but your quilt top has come together. You forget about your cramping hand and sore back from rotary cutting. The frustration that simmered as your sewed and re-sewed your points sizzles out as you look at it again. You made that. And it’s … Read more

The Broken Sewing Machine Checklist

Quilting Thread

We have all been there: elbow deep in a project you’re planning on gifting tomorrow when…clunk…clunk…clunk…  everything comes to a standstill. The dread sinks in: you have a broken sewing machine. Maybe the needle sticks in the down position. Maybe a bird’s nest of thread knots up. Or maybe gnarly loops pull out of the … Read more