Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies

The Dollar Tree is a mecca for all sorts of cheap odds and ends, but it was never a place I considered for getting quilting supplies. With the evolution of the store becoming the Dollar-25 Tree and having some items that go up to five dollars, I was a bit surprised at what I was able to find there. You’re still not going to be able to to replace your local quilting store. But here are Dollar Tree quilting supplies you should and should not buy.


Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies Rulers


Quilting supplies to buy at the Dollar Tree

Spray bottles – These are my favorite items to get at the dollar tree. I’m sure not everyone uses them, but I have taken to spritzing my fabric with water before I iron. I’m sure other people just fill up their iron and use the steam function, but I’ve had enough messes with that. Now, I just give my project a light spay when it needs an extra hold. Dollar Tree has the cheapest spray bottles I’ve found. Though, Ikea is a close second at $1.99. I’ve had mine for a couple years, and its still going strong!


Rulers – I’m not sure how much other quilters use simple school rulers, but I always have one on hand. From checking my scant quarter inch seams to double checking piece sizes, I find them a necessary addition to the quilting rulers. At Dollar Tree, you can get a pack of three see-through rulers for $1.25. At Target they’re $0.50 each. If you have a proclivity for breaking them like me, this is a decent deal!


Clamps – While I haven’t tried the Dollar Store ones, someone had given me the idea to clamp the quilt sandwich taunt on a table for basting. I think its a great idea rather than having to bend over and baste on the floor. The quality of the clamps I saw in the craft section looked iffy, but could work for the job. There might be better options in other aisles or in other stores. I haven’t done too much research yet.


Mini clothes pins – While not too helpful for quilting (though maybe for holding labels on the the pieces you cut out?), I thought the mini clothes pins were adorable. If you are into Instagram or photographing your work, I thought they would be cute to show off quilt blocks.


Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies Clamps


Quilting Supplies to avoid at the Dollar Tree

Scissors – Quilting scissors take a beating with the fabric and threads they need to cut. Do yourself (and the environment) a favor and get a pair that are a little more heavy duty. Then use them ONLY for cutting fabric and threads. They’ll last a lot longer that way. Dollar Tree scissors are okay in a pinch, but will dull quickly.


Pencil sharpener – If you use marking pencils, a pencil sharpener is a must! I swear I have to sharpen my marking pencils after ever two-to-three lines. Dollar Tree pencil sharpeners aren’t a bad deal, but you can get them for half the price at Target. There are even better deals if you can wait for the September back to school clearance sales.


Paper – I use an unusual amount of paper – and not just for printing off patterns. I cut notebook paper into squares to label all my fabric pieces once I cut them out of the yardage. While the paper at Dollar Tree isn’t a bad deal, you can get a pack of loose leaf at Target for $0.99.


Safety Pins – These are always in need if you pin baste (Why are there never enough?!). However, the stock the Dollar Tree had was of poor quality. The pins would likely bend if you try to baste your quilt with them. Also, the only packs sold at my Dollar Tree had medium to tiny sizes, meaning most of them wouldn’t be usable for pin basting.


Fabric – This one may be obvious, but for me, a cheap price can make up for questionable fabric quality. However, a pack of five fat quarters was $5. This was more expensive than buying sale yardage at JoAnn (which is much higher quality). The quality looked to be about the same as the fat quarters at JoAnn. On a good sale, JoAnn fat quarters can be 10 for $10, too. I’d pass unless you love a pattern.


Sewing kits – Please pass on these. It’s low quality needles and thread that bend and break. You’re better off putting your $1.25 towards better quality needle and thread.


Dollar Tree Quilting Supplies Paper


Should you go to Dollar Tree for Quilting Supplies?

While I wouldn’t make a special trip for Dollar Tree quilting supplies, I think its worthwhile to swing through the crafting aisle to see if they have anything you need. Be wary that most of the quilting supplies you’ll be able to find at Dollar Tree won’t be a steal of a deal, but they can help hold off another Target or JoAnn run.

Sew on!

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