pattern corrections

space travel quilt pattern


For PDFs bought prior to 11/15/21:

-Page 29: In step 5 the piece being sewn to the left unit is mislabeled. It is piece A (not C).


For PDFs bought prior to 10/17/21:

-Page 36: piece L should be labeled Medium Blue, not Dark Blue

-Page 48, light blue cutting diagram: piece 13K should have 2 pieces cut (table is incorrect, diagram is correct)


For PDFs bought prior to 10/15/21:

-Page 45: all of the pieces in the ‘Brown’ cutting table should have a ‘1/2’ after each dimension, length and width. (the dimensions within the block instructions are correct)

-Page 49: in the ‘Light Purple’ cutting diagram, the piece labeled 12D is actually 13D. (the table to the right of the cutting diagram is correct)